5 Ways to Create Unique Content for Your Blog

Almost every business owner wants higher pagerank on Google. One frequent question is “How can I improve the search engine optimization on my website?” The answer is actually quite simple: unique content! Google is looking for original content to serve up to its users. Placing this unique content on your website is great for SEO, customer engagement, and improving your sales funnel.

But how do you create this unique content? Remember, you don’t need to write a complete book. 300 to 500 words should suffice. Here are 5 tips to help create meaningful and unique content that will boost your SEO and get your customers talking.

1. Write about new industry trends

Whether you are an auto technician, tax professional, or financial advisor, there is probably something new going on in your industry. Remember, you are the expert in your field, and your customers don’t know what you know. So, write about something that will impact your customers and showcase your knowledge as the expert.

2. Elaborate on a Frequently Asked Question

Your customers probably ask you lots of questions. What do you get asked the most? Write a short piece of content addressing that question and elaborate. Remember to avoid technical jargon and make it as easy to understand as possible. Your readers will thank you.

3. Comment on a forum topic or magazine article

Do you read a particular forum or industry newsletter? Wiring about a common issue or problem and weighing in with your comments or thoughts can be another great source of unique content. Perhaps you have a unique solution to a common issue that will help you stand apart from your competition.

4. Hire a freelance writer to create unique content

Perhaps you simply don’t have time to write. Freelance writers are everywhere and easy to find, like on Fiverr.com. Interview several writers and find one that you feel understands your company and mission. They will probably need to invest some time in researching your industry and then writing the content, but a good writer can save you a lot of time and produce some really good content.

5. Don’t copy and paste!

It’s tempting to copy and paste that great article you just read and post it to your website, but don’t do it! First of all, plagiarizing is theft and makes you look bad. Secondly, you won’t get as much SEO benefit as Google will notice this duplicate content. If you over-plagiarize, it could even hurt SEO and you might lose pagerank.


Google loves unique content to offer up to searchers, so give them something good! You can find ideas from industry newsletters, forums, magazines, and even your own marketing materials that you have just laying around. Remember to keep it light and have fun with it! You will attract more customers with creative and fun content rather than stuffy and boring tech jargon. Writer’s block will happen from time to time, but don’t quit! Sometimes you might need to go for a walk and let the content sit for awhile, then come back when your mind has had a chance to brainstorm. Whatever you do, keep coming back, or perhaps work on another idea for awhile. Keep at it and you’ll be a blogging machine in no time!


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