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Sometimes you have questions and Google is just no help. You’ve spent hours and hours on problems that you just want solved. Is there any hope?


In my 10 years of experience working with hundreds of WordPress websites, I’ve run across just about every problem there is (so far). I’ve also spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning from the best minds in the web design and marketing industries.

So, if you have questions or need guidance with your WordPress website, I’m available for consulting work to help you get “unstuck” and moving forward again.

Courses and Consulting for WordPress websites

WordPress Courses

WordPress is a great website tool, but it can be confusing with so many plugins, templates, and options. Even after working with WordPress for years, I found it a struggle to overcome certain obstacles.

So, I determined to find a solution to the problem that everyone seemed to be facing. I spent a year researching and testing different themes, plugins, and frameworks in order to find that one that was easy and effective. Now, I am building websites in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

Now, I want to share my knowledge with you! My goal is to put 10 years of WordPress and website hosting experience into a series of courses so that you can achieve the same results as hiring a WordPress professional, but on a DIY budget.

This is a new project for me, so stay tuned… In the meantime, join the waitlist and get notified when I launch the WordPress course.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dan Leggett


“Troy and the King Web Agency knows how to make your website sparkle, insuring you have a user optimized, mobile friendly site that gets noticed & delivers traffic to your business. Highly recommend!”

5 star reviews
Jill Mudd

Health Insurance Agent

“King Web Agency was so helpful! I had very little knowledge and very few ideas for my business website. Troy gave me several ideas and options to consider! I am so impressed with the final results! I love my website – thanks so much!”
5 star reviews
Tera Busker

Fitness To Go

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with King Web Agency. My new website is perfect!”
5 star reviews

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