How To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Most business owners would agree that they would love it if their website generated leads on a consistent basis. While many websites have been left alone to get dusty and fade away, some business owners utilize their website as a marketing tool. After all, who doesn’t want free leads and automatic sales? If structured and optimized properly, your website can be your best sales tool. By offering something of value for free, you can optimize your website to start generating leads. Here are some ideas on how to increase your website’s conversion rate and start generating leads.

1. Make your Call To Action clear

What is a Call To Action (CTA)? It is usually a button or banner on a website that instructs the visitor to do something. Most often, a CTA will be a big button that reads “Buy Now”, “Download Your Free eBook”, or “Call Us Today”. Whatever your Call To Action is, it should be large, bright in color, and very blunt. What do you want your website visitor to do?

2. Create a bare-bones landing page

Now that the visitor to your website has clicked on your Call To Action, now what? Your CTA should take them to a landing page that showcases the special offer. Whether it is to download a white paper or ebook, or to sign up for a free webinar, the focus of the landing page should be the reason why the web visitor clicked on your CTA to begin with.

Your landing page should be a stripped down version of your website with no navigation or links elsewhere, aside from your logo back to your website. The reason is that you want the visitor to focus on the special offer and not get distracted by other navigation links. The sole purpose of this landing page is to get the visitor to send their contact information in exchange for something free.

3. Make the landing page form easy to see

The form on your landing page is like gold. It is the vehicle by which potential customers will send you their information, thus generating leads. As such, your form needs to be close to the top of the landing page and easily seen. In addition, use another Call To Action at the top of your form such as “Get Your Free eBook Now” so it is abundantly clear that filling out the form gets the potential lead their freebie.

The form should also be an appropriate length. If the form is too long, people won’t bother to fill it out. If too short, then it may diminish the value of your offer. Think about the most pertinent information that you need to gather from the prospect and ask for only that information. If all you really need is a name and email address, ask a qualifying question that will help you better understand what the visitor may be looking for.

4. Thank you and follow-up

After the visitor has filled out the form and received their special offer, thank them! Have the form take them to a page that thanks them for sending you their personal information. It’s the least you can do! From there, you may also suggest other special offers or downloads that may be relevant or of interest.

Also make sure to send a confirmation or follow up email. This will help you close the gap and increase your communication with the new prospect. The more times you appear in front of them, the more top-of-mind you will be.


If you would like more information on how to set up a landing page or offer something of value to generate more leads from your website, contact King Web Design today for a free consultation.

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