Karen Ray Associates

Karen Ray Collaboration provides information and assistance to those who believe enough in a particular project that they are willing to collaborate. It takes a large, coordinated effort to solve such problems. Designing, delivering and funding such an effort is difficult in any environment, but especially when resources are spread among independent agencies, each with their own power base, constituency, mission, methods and personalities. Collaboration is a process you can use to meet these challenges.
The Problem:
Karen Ray’s website was originally written in HTML, was not mobile friendly, and nearly impossible to update. It was also super outdated and looked archaic. It was not representative of her brand or abilities.
The solution:
Karen Ray’s new website was built in the Gantry framework for WordPress which offered a higher degree of customization. The new site gets lots of positive feedback, looks unique, modern, and very clean. It also is much easier to update and be a resource for new and potential clients.

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